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Sports physicals are a necessary step in preparing for the next season of playing the sport you love. The health and wellness experts at M Family Care in Henderson, Nevada, can verify your health and help you prepare for your sport safely. Call the office to schedule your sports physical now.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a medical exam in which your M Family Care provider evaluates your health and eligibility to participate in team or individual sports. Usually, children need a sports physical before they can take part in school sports, but college athletes and adults participating in team sports may also need this type of exam.

What is included in a sports physical?

Your M Family Care provider reviews your medical history first. They may ask specific questions about your past injuries, surgeries, allergic reactions, and medications. Answer these questions as honestly as possible, because this information helps your care provider get a clear picture of your overall health and can impact your eligibility for sports participation.

Your sports physical typically includes:

  • Height and weight check
  • Basic vision screening
  • Basic hearing test
  • Reflex test
  • Heart health check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Flexibility test

If you’ve had past injuries, your M Family Care provider may check them to make sure that you’re back to full function and not having any discomfort.

If your care provider feels that you’re at risk for health problems during physical activity, they may request further testing. If you need further testing, your care provider can schedule a follow-up sports physical after you finish those tests.

How should I get ready for a sports physical?

If you need for your M Family Care provider to complete any paperwork after the sports physical, bring that along with you. If you play a sport that requires special protective equipment, it’s a good idea to bring it to your sports physical, so your care provider can check the fit and function.

On the day of your sports physical, wear lightweight clothing and comfortable sturdy shoes in which you can move easily because your care provider may ask you to bend, stretch, and move as part of the exam.

If you’re taking any medication currently, even if it’s only over-the-counter drugs or natural herbal supplements, bring that medication (or at least a list of medications and dosages) to your appointment. Your doctor may need to double-check to make sure that it’s safe for you to continue taking those when you’re exercising.

School physicals at M Family Care are quick and easy, so schedule your appointment by calling the office now.